Iron’s Technology was founded in Cesena in 2011 by three young entrepreneurs: Marco Senni, holder of Iron’s Meccanica, a family business active on the territory since the ’30s, Rudi Bragagni and Andrea Ancarani from the field of tools machineries and industrial robots.

The company from 2011 to date has followed a trend of continuous growth, becoming an important reality and reference to local companies. The continued demand of our services has brought about an expansion of the premises and staffing through the collaboration of highly qualified internal and external personnel.


On specific request, Iron’s Technology carries out feasibility studies of form and materials. Such a request may be made to satisfy the need to produce pipes for particular uses in specific areas, such as IN heat exchange, IN furniture, IN construction industry, IN mechanical engineering, etc.

Special Customized Pipes

The service offered by Iron’s Technology allows to create all possible forms, starting also from a simple sketch done by hand. The technical department is responsible for the conversion of the same into a drawing to be entered in parametric CAD software, which is an integral part of the technology MAS-1.

Iron’s Technology offers comprehensive design, finite element simulations, and mechanical and laboratory testing at universities and research centers, with which we have a consolidated active partnership.

This service is offered respecting the confidentiality of customer data.


The Technology MAS-1 allows to create endless strain on pipes, with countless application possibilities.

Depending on the needs of the customer, Iron’s Technology offers the sale of deformed tubes and turbulators, or also the tubes deformation tubes processing work only.

Furthermore, the entire line of machines MAS-1 is sold directly by Iron’s Technology taking into account any necessary customizations.

Thanks to the technology MAS-1 it is possible to produce profiles pipes with multitude forms that can be used in design field, and such forms are not obtainable on the market.

Iron’s Technology has selected a series of exclusive forms specially designed by Italian designer and proposed as a semi-finished product.

Iron’s Technology has enabled collaboration with universities and selected companies to develop specific studies and innovative applications on new and innovative heat exchangers. The projects have the purpose to provide ideal profiles to maximize the exchange of heat (and therefore energy efficiency), reduce space, and reduce the use of material.

In particular, the goal is to select the most suitable geometrical tube applicable on heat exchangers. Besides the production of standard corrugated pipes (see table), we can produce specific requests of special corrugated pipes, thanks to the technology MAS-1.

Thanks to MAS-1 Iron’s Technology manufactures and markets helical turbulators for heat exchangers. In addition to standard manufacturing (see table), we can manufacture specific dimensional requirements.

Iron’s Technology manufactures a line of machines able to cold-deform metal tubes of a thickness between 2 and 10 mm and a diameter between 10 and 500 mm, using its patented technology MAS1.

The patent is international (PCT) and makes the machines produced unique, able to carry out endless deformations shapes in a off-line processing of circular section tubes or square tubes and of cylindrical or conical tubes, in a short time, with excellent accuracy and high surface finish.

It is possible to obtain an infinite number of shapes thanks to assisted programming (simple and intuitive) or via the ISO interface.
To develop the project, the company has received European funding “Innovative Start-up in 2013” that encourages businesses to invest in innovation and development.

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