Iron’s Technology was founded in Cesena in 2011 by three young entrepreneurs: Marco Senni, holder of Iron’s Meccanica, a family business active on the territory since the ’30s, Rudi Bragagni and Andrea Ancarani from the field of tools machineries and industrial robots.

The company from 2011 to date has followed a trend of continuous growth, becoming an important reality and reference to local companies. The continued demand of our services has brought about an expansion of the premises and staffing through the collaboration of highly qualified internal and external personnel.


Maintenance is a key point of the activities of Iron’s Technology, with regards the activities of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for machines and plants of own production, as well as the assistance to machines of other manufacturers already present on the market.

Maintenance is coordinated by a computerized software system (produced by Iron’s Technology, Yaab and Immagina) which guarantees a fast and efficient management of assets and requests for assistance with planning and transparency.

Iron’s Technology projects and manufactures special tools machines with CNC and robotic plants with Fanuc technology. The development of the project follows specific customer requirements.

The design and implementation of the orders are made internally, following the strictest quality standards and applying laws of the Machinery Directives.

The regeneration of components is performed by Iron’s Technology in order to extend the life of machines and plants, renewing the warranty on the unit serviced.
The regeneration consist in reconditioning a single detail or a set of details of the component, following thespecifications and / or the original manufacturing drawings, or by reverse engineering.
Example of components: lines spindle, rotary tables, tool turrets, tool change, warehouses and pallet changer, telescopic covers for guides, chip conveyors, etc.

Iron’s technology also offers advisory services for the purchase and / or recycling of used equipment that needs revision in mechanical, fluid, electrical, electronic and software projecting for the CNC.


It is a mechanical restructuring, or a set of operations that allow to extend the productive life of a machine tool. After checking the overall performance, we proceed to the disassembly and testing of the equipment and the existing components.

Then we make an extraordinary maintenance (or replacement) of the components to bring them into a level of performance as similar as possible to the new product. We proceed with the adjustment to the current safety regulations.


It means the replacement of numerical control, motors, senso-drives, measurement systems and the electrical part, it is basically a Revamping with additional new automation and a modern system of electronic control. After which the machine undergoes testing as if it were totally new.


Iron’s technology is specialized in selling, projecting and development of products / services in the field of standard and special tools machine, robotic systems and all related activities.

Customers using machines and equipment of Iron’s technology require increasingly high performance and can rely on a continuous manteinance. This means that the company has qualified and reliable personnel, focused on continuous improvement.

Machines Tools

With the objective to offer a more and more complete service, Iron’s Technology expands its range of services with new and used tools machine selling.

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Special Machine

Iron’s Technology produces special customized tools machine made according to customer requirements, offering a range of services that cover the entire production process.

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Automatic and Robotic Plants

Iron’s Technology is able to study and implement automated and robotic systems for a variety of needs: robotic arms, handling, installation / assembly, palletizing, for all the relevant industrial sectors.

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Components and Spare Parts

Iron’s Technology fornisce componenti e ricambi commerciali per macchine utensili e per impianti automatici. Ogni anno vengono movimentati e gestiti dal magazzino circa 1500 nuovi articoli di diverse categorie.

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